Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Service, not hate, will fix this country

Thanks to my sister, Nadine Evans Lovell, for this thoughtful post:
Warning: Conservative, gun-loving, God fearing, right-winged rant coming on. Step away from the post if you are none of the above.
We need a President that will lift us and unite us. I'm tired of his rhetoric. And using a funeral where people are mourning to push his agendas? Disgusting. Sorry, not sorry that I can't hold back. He needs to quit fanning the flames of hate and discrimination when we live in one of the best countries in the world!
Everyone is discriminated against or misjudged in some way whether you are ugly, beautiful, thin, obese, black, white, Hispanic, old, Muslim, Christian, Jew, LGBT and the list goes on. I'm a Mormon. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has had its own history of discrimination- tarred and feathered, forced out of established communities, extermination order from a Governor, and we still suffer from discrimination and hate. Can I change what others think of me and my beliefs or how they treat me? No. I can only change ME. I can work on loving others. And believe you me I'm working on loving our President every d$@# day. I'm far from perfect. As just demonstrated.
If this country would focus on what I can do better instead of what everyone else can do better for me we will see some positive changes taking place. This is the message the President should be spreading. Take responsibility for your own actions and quit placing your discontent on others. Even better -love and take care of others and you'll forget about your own problems.
Our country is great! We have more rights, freedoms and opportunities than most countries in the world! If you feel picked on, discriminated against, or in general life is not fair to you then read some great historical novels or biographies and you will realize that your so called hard situation is really not so tough. You could start with the book, "I am Malala" Try living in Pakistan and being shot in the head because you're a girl that wants to be educated. Or read "The Boys in the Boat" and see what working your ever-living behind off really looks like to get an education. We have it great here. Stop whining, shouting, hating, wallowing, gossiping and instead go do something good for someone else. It's called service. It's what the Master teaches and tells us to do.
Finally, my rant is almost over, thank you to our wonderful law enforcement officers!! You have the toughest job in our country today. Remember that MOST Americans respect you, are appreciative of you, and pray for your safety!
Have a beautiful, wonderful, free, safe, American day! Be the good! Serve someone today!