Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Making of a Galvanized Yankee: Based on a True StoryThe Making of a Galvanized Yankee: Based on a True Story by Kathy Engebretsen

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I don't usually read historical fiction because I prefer to read history the way it happened: in small snippets of individual accounts, and that's how this book reads. This book felt very much like I was there living the events. I loved how Kathy moved the story forward in letters between the main characters. The politics of war didn't really play in this book. Instead, it was based on real characters who lived through the events and was treated the same way I imagine a lot of regular citizens felt. They were helpless to change the course of the war and were forced to get involved. This portrayed the very real sufferings of the south during the war. I had never studied about the Galvanized Yankees, and I felt like I walked away from the book having learned quite a bit about the war. Highly recommended.

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