Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Joy of Light

As I was transporting a busload of kids to school this morning, I could see a wall of fog approaching from the north. I looked to the west and had a breathtaking view of the Stansbury Mountains. A bank of clouds obscured the snow-capped tips and the glittering snow on the peaks below were tinged pink above a bank of silver gray fog. That view of light reflected on the peaks brought a surge of joy and gratitude to my soul, and I pointed out the scene to the kids in the van. I wasn't sure they were as impressed as I was, but I was grateful for the vision of beauty to start my day.
As I drove into the fog, I pondered about what it was I found beautiful. Was it the patterns? Was it the contrast? What was it that gave me joy at that moment? I realized I found beauty in knowing the sun is still as warm and clean and bright as ever somewhere beyond the rolling wave of fog I was driving into.
Then I thought about all the people who have reflected the light of a living God in my life. When I meet someone who is reflecting the light of Christ in their lives, the same spark of joy I felt when I saw the sun on the mountains brightens my soul. Mother Teresa was like that. So was Ghandi. Many of my personal friends and family reflect that same light. We can find great happiness in simply serving those around us. Isn't that what the light of Christ is? His light is reflected in us by our actions.
During this holiday season, someone somewhere may be needing just a moment of reflected light to find the courage to head into their own wall of fog. May we be aware of the God that gave us light and be the reflectors of his love to those around us.

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