Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Takeshi Yukiko, his white jacket pristine, stared through the bars of the small cage. The rabbit crawled to the feeding tray and started to nibble on the fresh lettuce, unaffected by the heavy panting of its companion.
Takeshi looked up as Yasanari Yokichi joined him in observing the rabbits. She glanced at the face of her gold watch. The diamonds flashed as she moved. “The antidote was administered 60 minutes ago?” Her words were clipped and assured.
Takeshi nodded, unable to hide the pleased smile that spread across his face. “One hour. Look at the difference.”
They both watched the two rabbits. The first was happily nibbling on the lettuce, her open wounds quickly sealing shut. The other lay prone on the floor, her skin gaping awkwardly in various stages of sloughing. The wounds did not bleed. They merely continued to open, eaten alive by the yeast that devoured her living body.
Yasanari nodded then picked up her phone. “The first subject shows excellent results. How do you want to proceed?” She listened briefly and shut her phone. “You are to administer the antidote to the remaining rabbits, except for this one.” She thrust her chin at the ailing animal panting in the cage. “I need a full write up on the results on my desk in the morning.”
Takeshi was filling a needle as she spoke. “You can count on it.” His voice was a pleased purr.

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