Monday, May 30, 2011

Deliverance from Depression by GG, Greg, and David P Vandagriff

Once again, I am using my blog to review a book. What better place to express my love for books? This book, although short (100 pages) had so much to say that it took me some time to digest it.

When I first picked up this book, I wondered what the symbolism of the single candle on the front and the many on the back represented. The authors themselves answered that question (page 84): "My burden was lifted. The Savior had taken it....Horrible things happen around us at every turn,and yet we can have hope for a better world through the Atonement. Our mission is to help change one heart at a time." The candle, of course, represented the healing of one heart. The candles on the back cover show the "horizontal" aspect of the gospel. Once you have found the true joy that only Christ can give, you will do all in your power to share that joy with others - to light the candles around you. What a beautiful gift the Vandagriffs have given the world through sharing their journey through depression and into healing. This is a book that is designed to benefit all readers - not just those who have been touched by the horrible affliction of depression.

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